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Your biorhythms start their cycle the moment that your umbilical cord is cut. When a biorhythm changes from being positive to being negative (the centre line of the graph), that biorhythm is said to be critical. This means there is greater potential for something to go awry on that day concerning that biorhythm.

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What are Biorhythms?

Biorhythms are method of predicting the cycles of an individual based on their birth date. There are three rhythms that are well documented: emotional, physical, and intellectual. According to the science of Biorhythms, each of these rhythms goes through three different phases; high, low and critical.

What do the different phases represent?

Different things to different people. If the physical rhythm is in a high phase, for instance, you might experience more physical ability then if that rhythm was in a low phase. An emotionally low rhythm might be categorized as a sleepy or even irritable emotional state, likewise, in an emotional high there could be an improved sense of well-being. Intellectually, a high might explain the ability have more focus or mental clarity. In an intellectual low there could be more mental fuzz.

What is the critical phase?

The critical phase is the short period (usually one-two days depending on the rhythm) when a rhythm is crossing over to a different phase. During this short time, there is a greater risk of error or accident. In fact, studies have show then there is a 30-60% greater risk of an accident during those few critical days that a person experiences every month. It can pay to be more cautious on these days.

Are biorhythms based on scientific research?

Yes! Biorhythms were discovered by two scientists working independently of one another. Dr. Hermann Swoboda, a professor of Psychology at the University of Vienna, and Dr. Wilhelm Fliess, a nose and throat specialist, recognized the existence of biorhythms in the early 1900s. Through extensive scientific research, the doctors reached nearly identical conclusions. Each doctor published his discoveries, establishing biorhythms as an area of scientific study. Today, researchers continue to evaluate biorhythms in hopes of determining how they affect the human condition.

Physical Cycle


23 days


Health, strength, physical well being, physical coordination, speed, resistance to illness.

Positive Phase

Days 2 to 11 - This is when the curve moves upwards. High energy levels, quick reflexes, high activity and improved stamina are seen in these positive days. Make the best use of it for all physical activities.

Critical Phase

Days 1 & 12 - These are the days when the curve crosses the base line, once while moving up and the other while moving down. Normally erratic behavior, clumsiness, increased chances of accidents and injuries. Physical exertion should be avoided, where possible and take extra care.

Negative Phase

Days 13 to 23 - Tiredness, reduced energy, more prone to illness, low feeling. Take rest.

Emotional Cycle


28 days


Mental state & health, creativity, sensitivity, moods.

Positive Phase

Days 2 to 14 - Creative, confident, open, friendly, optimistic. Good period for sales, creative activities and building relations.

Critical Phase

Days 1 & 15 - Lonely, insecure, obstinate, short tempered, accident prone. Watch your tongue and avoid quarrels and confrontations.

Negative Phase

Days 16 to 28 - Lack of confidence, Depression, loneliness, lack of emotion and loss of creativity. Watch your tongue and avoid quarrels and confrontations.

Intellectual Cycle


33 days.


Logical and analytical functions of the mind, alertness, creativity, receptivity and memory.

Positive Phase

Days 2 to 16 - Organized, logical, good memory, a good time to learn and plan. This is a prime time for creative thinking, composing, writing, decision-making. This is a good time for abstract reasoning, verbal fluency, understanding new concepts, number ability, memory,  manipulation and for facing new challenges, taking on assignments.

Critical Phase

Days 1 & 17 - Bad decisions, mentally slow, accident prone may characterize these days.

Negative Phase

Days 18 to 33 - These days may be marked by disorganization, absent-mindedness, and it may be a bad time to learn.

Intuition Cycle


38 days


Intuition; perception of ourselves and the world.

Positive Phase

Days 2 to 19 - You feel that your perception can be relied upon.

Critical Phase

Days 1 & 20 - Your intuition takes you in different directions - caution is required.

Negative Phase

Days 21 to 38 - Intuition and perception are weak and should not be relied upon.


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