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Crazy-Tv Youtube channel is CrazyDashTv Sit back and enjoy. Arcade

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Guide the ufo through the tunnel. No score for this game :( Ufo tunnel
Defend your city from attacking Aliens. UFO Defence
Control your spaceship with your mouse and destroy waves of enemies. Turanium
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All Games in Space
Guide the ufo through the tunnel. No score for this game :(
Ufo tunnel

Defend your city from attacking Aliens.
UFO Defence

Control your spaceship with your mouse and destroy waves of enemies.

Destroy as many asteroids without letting them get through.
The Asteroids

Star flight is one of the most addicting plane shoot em up gamee kill some enemys.
Star Flight

Fight off other ships
Starship Legend

Break through the three layers of walls and destroy the central behemoth.

Hunt down your enemies in this side-scroller space shooter.
Space Hunter

Help Space Dude in this platform space game.
Space Dude

Fly a plastic spaceship through an obstacle course.
Plastic Saucer

Original space shooter by Marco Schirmer.
Plasmanaut on Fire

Fly your spaceship through the tunnel and make sure to dodge or shoot your enemies.
Night Raptor Tunnel 2.0

Defeat the aliens as you try to make your way to earth to warn others about the iminent invasion.
Ned Nebula

Fire at targets and avoid the craters.
Moon Patrol

Navigate your spaceship onto the different landing pads for points.  Each round the gravity gets more intense.  Each pad is worth 100 points.
Moon Lander

Protect your moon bases by blowing up incoming meteorites.
Missile Strike

Stop incoming missles with lazers!
Missile Command Lazer

Its Missile Command!
Missile Command

Classic Metroid Space Shooter.
Metroid Hunter

Work your way through the martian valleys to kill the aliens.
Mars Patrol

Play this amazing game by shooting down the enemy.
Mars 3D

See in game.
Lunar Mouse House

Guide your rocket near a lunar mouse ball.
Lunar Mouse House 2

Lunar Command.
Lunar Command

Eat the smaller aliens to grow. Avoid aliens bigger than you.
Hungry Space

Get ready for a free arkanoid game. Play over 40 levels with hi-quality pre rendered 3d graphics. A set of challenging levels and as any good arkanoid game should have: POWERUPS!

Blast your way through legions of enemy ships!
Starship Legend

It is the year 2510 and all life on earth has moved to a new planet called as Planet Science where science and technology are used only for peaceful or protective purposes. All the people have migrated because the earth had become unstable and finally exploded. Now the hunt is on for the priceless chunks of rocks from the earth which are flying through space. You have to collect as many of them as you can to earn a lot of money. But being a rock hunter is a challenging job as you have to confront the alien enemies during your journey. After every level you have to stop over at the space station store, where you can buy new weapons and upgrade your ship. Pick up shield bonuses to recharge and pick up earth rocks to earn valuable credits for the space shop.
Earth Rock Hunter

Help Marvin zap these characters by clicking on them while they are out of their holes.
Earthling Eliminator

Collect diamonds and destroy astroids. Final score equals diamonds captured multiplied by astroids shot.
Diamond Chaser

Destroy the aliens.
Bombs Away

Like Asteroids

Blast The Asteroids In This Fast Paced Shooter.
Asteroids 2000

Shoot all of the asteroids.

Shoot down as many missile before your 3 lives are up.
Alien Missle Attack

Kill the aliens that are invading the planet.
Alien Terminator

Kill the aliens!
Alien Under Fire

Blast your way through alien clones!
Alien Clones

There is life on Mars and its needs your help.
Alien Rescue

Shoot the UFOs before they can land on Earth.
Alien Invasion


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