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Battlefield 4 PS3 Temp Freeze Fix
Battlefield 4 PS3 Temp Freeze Fix

This is only a temporary fix that I have found to keep your ps3 from freezing while playing Bf4. If your PS3 crashes all the time. This will help greatly. But it does not completely fix the issue. I have still frozen up, but not as much as I used to. I got this info from http://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-4/gt-gt-PS3-TRY-THIS-BF4-freezing-crashing-workaround-lt-lt/td-p/2149875 1- Delete all the profile/game save, the game data and the 1.05 patch (The patch is inside the BF4 game data, so deleting the game data may delete the patch) 2- Verifiy if your firmware is actualized (Today, its in the version 4.53) 3- Install BF4 game with the console disconnected from the internet When the game begins after the install quit before the "press start screen". (So the game don't crate a profile save yet) 4- Connect the console on the net and enter in the game. (this should make the patch 1.05 install) When the game begins quit again before the "press start screen". 5- Download your DLCs 6- Start BF4 and play Also keep in mind, that there is still a glitch where if your in a full game and someone joins on you, when they finally get in, you will get booted and freeze. So I suggest, if you are in queue then get out and ask your friend to send you an invite. Thanks goes out to Pascal Wölfer for the added # 5 info. Which is very important.
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Crazy Jam On It Speed Mix
Crazy Jam On It Speed Mix

I created this video years ago and uploaded it to my Kid Creation You Tube account. I just figured I would officially add it to my Crazy-Tv.com account. It's corny but hey it's Crazy-Tv
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